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TinB is the Consulting Division of Ropnoy.

At Ropnoy, we have open minds; Minds with experience of how things work in Corporate, FinTech and Market Data.

Agile minds that understand the problem of working within narrow parameters and restricted budgets, and knowing why things have always been done the way they are.  

Within TinB, we pool ideas; test our hypothesis; adjust to suit the client environment and their end goal. Sometimes we share prognosis with partner firms who have alternative solutions that can be enhanced with lateral thinking that adds lustre to our own technologies and so through TinB, bring about a fresh approach to fit the way our customers work.

Ropnoy also understand that Market Data departments are frequently over-worked and under-resourced. They could occasionally benefit from a helping hand from a fresh set of eyes and an experienced mind-set that understands legacy feeds juxtaposed with newer technologies.

Through TinB Ropnoy can offer an independent view; working with your current team, hearing where the issues lay and provide on the spot consulting for Data and Technology related assistance from Market data; Infrastructure and related technologies.

We will help your team create functional specifications to enable in-house technologies to work together. 

Where appropriate, we bring on-board our automated tools, methodologies and the experience of our partners and associates under the TinB doctrine..

Here’s a few of the solutions we have created for Clients



Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to add significant value to your strategic and tactical initiatives and our Consulting Services provide access to this experience to enhance your team’s capability and add a fresh set of eyes for a broader perspective. 

A Tin B Workshop consultancy can be from 2 hours, several days or an entire project and we will draft in additional expertise wherever it is required.



Ropnoy TinB Consulting

Innovation, Automation & Collaboration – unboxed!

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Here are some of our client automation projects


Investment Bank             Web Based Market Data Inventory & Cost allocation system


Investment Bank             Infrastructure Change & Notification Control


Energy Trader                 Automated Dependency Analysis Manager CMDB with integral Change Control


Investment Bank             Active Directory Shares Ownership and Governance Portal


Venture Capitalist           Survey and Benchmarking Portal


UK Charity                      Charity Practice Management System


UK Charities                    Hosted Office solution for Charities


Investment Bank             Spreadsheet Ownership Management and Governance


Brokerage Firm               Bloomberg Terminal analysis portal