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Automated Application Dependency Discovery and Assessment


Whether your project involves a migration, a planned outsource, or an extensive housekeeping exercise for GDPR ; whether you’re a consultancy, large corporation, Government department or an auditor, a project will always involve understanding the landscape.

Manual discoveries can cost thousands per week and last for months creating both time and cost barriers to the initiative. 

Ropnoy provide Application Dependency analysis as a service so that tactical projects can be completed effectively using empirical data and without an upfront capital expenditure or a prolonged roll-out project.


Visibility Workbench



Automated Discovery

Fast & Efficient data acquisition

Business dependency identification

Empirical Data

Data Flow Mapping

Application Dependency Visualisations

Multi-layer reporting

Extensible Knowledge Portals

On Demand schematics


Our discovery services are very versatile; we scan your technology estate to discover the full business application dependency, including;


Technology dependencies

Business Application Dependencies

Server to Server connections

Application port connections

Software utilization

Licensing & versions

Bandwidth utilisation





See the Bigger Picture…

get a complete understanding of the landscape in a fraction of the time, and with more accuracy. 




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