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TinB is the Consulting Division of Ropnoy.

Since Inception, Ropnoy have helped create innovative solutions to many complex client needs.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Fintech industry we understand the complexity of your environment. Moreover, we also understand how the technology works, how it evolved, the legacies of old technologies and how it all can be leveraged to gain advantage.

TinB’s Eye-Deas Factory is the Go To place for  ‘outside the box ideas’, and for Ropnoy There is No Box.

The Eye-Deas Factory is where Ropnoy products are created, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the Tin B consultancy.

Here’s a few of the solutions we have created for Clients


Investment bank             Web Based Market Data Inventory & Cost allocation system


Investment bank             Infrastructure Change & Notification Control


Energy Trader                 Automated Dependency Analysis Manager CMDB with integral Change Control


Investment Bank             Active Directory Shares Ownership and Governance Portal


Venture Capitalist           Survey and Benchmarking Portal


UK Charity                      Charity Practice Management System


UK Charities                    Hosted Office solution for Charities


Investment Bank             Spreadsheet Ownership Management and Governance


Brokerage Firm               Bloomberg Terminal analysis portal



Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to add significant value to your strategic and tactical initiatives and our Consulting Services provides access to this experience to enhance your team and add a fresh set of eyes for a broader perspective. 

A tin B Workshop consultancy can be from 2 hours, several days or an entire project and we can draft in additional expertise wherever it is required.

Ropnoy TinB Consulting

Innovative solutions without the box

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