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Interlinked Spreadsheet ‘System’ Discovery 


Undocumented dependency links are a risk to your business!


Spreadsheet systems are very rarely documented, they are invariably created by replicating previous year’s sheets. These are never robust.

Originators create spreadsheets, and often create DDE links to other worksheets to reference data maintained by others. In many cases, this is simply to re-use data created previously, adding a further link to the dependency chain. 

In other cases, these linked sheets create an informal ‘system‘ that becomes an integral part of the business workflow.

Changing a link within the system, deleting one of the constituent files, or moving one of these to a new location can prevent links from retaining their integrity and the system breaks down impacting the business workflow.

Excel DDE links have 3 major disadvantages;

links are not robust any change to the underlying sheets can invalidate the data. For example when a dependent sheet is moved or the location is removed.

links are not documented  no formal record of their existence is created or maintained creating an exposure to the dependency.

links are not governed changes to mission critical workflow are not visible and system impacts are unknown.



Centropy – Brings order to End User Computing Chaos

Visibility of Spreadsheet Dependency

Governance of Spreadsheet Systems

Documented Dependency for System Audit

Visibility of Spreadsheet Lineage chains

…and it all takes place behind the scenes


You can start this in a day… 

It’s very quick to implement

Totally non-intrusive

Fast – catalogues 10,000+ sheets an hour

Totally scalable

Requires no re-engineering or changes to existing spreadsheet universe.

No retraining of staff

No change to spreadsheet usage and workflow

Have your dependency map by the end of the month

…and most importantly it’s very affordable

SnapShot service now available

Centropy Portal – Managed Service

Group Spreadsheets to monitor ‘Systems’

Fully automated re-scans

Alerts on Link breaches

Dependency Reports on demand

Governance of Spreadsheet Systems




Ropnoy – Automated Discovery

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