Evo1 Alliance

The Data Notifications Analyser (DNA) has been created by Ropnoy to automate the distribution of Vendor Data Notifications, reducing the burden on the market data administrative team and providing an auditable workflow.

Simple to use with easy-view Dashboards eliminating the ‘Fog’ in today’s multi-directional manual processing.

DNA provides transparency of effort expended, communication logs for community review, plus time & status to target. Bespoke streamlined workflow adds relevance to ownership; hierarchical accountabilities bring reduced exposure to operational risks.

DNA mitigates the likelihood of system outages and their associated characteristic financial impacts.

Distributed through the Evo One Alliance

     New York   –   London   –   Singapore

2016-08-25 (32)



             Evo One Redefining on an evolutionary scale

DNA identifies the instruments impacted by each change notification and automatically routes these to impacted users and applications.


Ownership assignment and escalation

Specific DN’s  sent to relevant  Application teams

One repository for all Vendor DN’s processing

Thomson Reuters & Bloomberg DN’s supported (others on demand)

Role based Dashboards

PDF Status Reports for every category

Configurable  Usage or Permissions

Customisable to change DN’s Priorities

 Create new DN’s Categories that suit Internal Projects and Regulatory Requirements

Audit Reporting and Tracking

Resource / Process Efficiencies combined with organisational strategy and business delivery

Development & Application workflow integration

Reduced Operational Risk

Reduction of System Outages

Fits with your current DN’s process.


The Data Notifications Analyser


Automation, Accountability and Audit for Vendor Data Notifications

Work with Knowledge not Noise