About Us

Ropnoy Limited

Established in 2003, Ropnoy create innovative solutions for our clients.

We have real world domain experience, clever technology and smart people.

We specialise in the design and delivery of vertical business solutions and have assisted in the launch of a number of new business concepts.

Our Directors


Marc Rolfe

Marc has over 25 years’ experience in the Investment Banking IT/Networks and Market Data industry. Experiencing first hand, what obstacles are faced after projects have begun, he has gained the understanding and wisdom to know how to mitigate such barriers.

Marc’s depth of understanding of the City’s technology and how things work ensures he will find a way to overcome obstacles and enthusiastically welcomes a challenge.

Working with dedicated teams, he engages everyone for mutual benefits of the goals of each business area and welcomes very ‘off the wall’ ideas.

Marc’s methodology is to think Business: simply; There Is No Box!

Marc is bottom line results orientated, driven and dynamic in his thinking and activity, hands on with every single project or initiative, undertaken. He has a conscientious, disciplined yet fun-loving work ethic and encourages everyone around him to want to understand what good looks like, what achieving excellence feels like and leads them in to succeeding in those endeavors.


Lisa Nicholson

Lisa has extensive experience in Customer Services, Account Managing and building Relationships in the City Financial Markets and Market Data Industry.

This experience translates into business success across other sectors as she gets to know the clients motivations, end user wants and needs, and their personal and business success criteria that Ropnoy aims to match, and exceed wherever possible.

Lisa understands the importance of keeping people informed, enabling open communications with client and partner firms, managing their changing requirements and adapting to and adhering to their in-house policies and procedures.

Armed with all this information, expectations are better managed resulting in customer and partner firms who continue their relationship with us.